Smith Sabatino Trusted Proven Broadcasters!

world-globe-3-1546225The difference, that makes Smith Sabatino unmatched in today’s broadcast  marketplace is:  Attitude.

Attitude Sells!

Rolland Smith and Carl Sabatino talk to their listening and viewing audience as they deal with everyday challenges.  They communicate in a way that only veteran News Men can.  Smith and Sabatino speak to and about the issues our time and place, with a practical no nonsense approach.

Never Controversial – Always Cutting Edge

The program plays to the flip side of daily life as well; one that’s funny, entertaining, curious, inspirational and sometimes downright silly.  Smith and Sabatino face the everything with a practical approach to understanding the news, the events, and every day problems to provide the things the audience needs to know.

Smith and Sabatino go to the heart of the matter with a centrist approach.  The program is a dialogue with the audience.  A pragmatic and meaningful conversation among friends.  Smith and Sabatino balance the hard issues with conversation and banter enjoying the diversions and distractions of life.

Trusted – Believable – Eminently Salable


Trusted Hosts, National Reach, Uncomprimising Value